MGET MD5 and SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 checker

Since 2005 version 1.1 of the MGET MD5/SHA1 checker has been downloaded more than 500 times! This without any marketing or spam activities. Now in 2008 it's time for version 2.0 and with some new features for i.e.

  • SHA256 support
  • SHA384 support
  • SHA512 support
  • more speed
  • some (minor) bugs fixes
  • and an online demo (thanks to Wink )

What is hashing?

Hashing techniques are used for several things and one of them is like an identifier. When you download a file you won't know if it is the file you thought you where downloading. This may sound vague, so I will clearify this. Assume you want to download some kind of file, i.e. a program or a document. When you download a file there is a tiny chance that the file becomes corrupted. In the case that the owner of the file supplied a has code, i.e. the MD5 code is very populair for this purpose, you as downloader has the ability the check for corrupted files. Cases as the program won't work or behaves as not expected should become absent. Now consider that the file is very populair and when something becomes populair it becomes a target for spreading virus, malware, adware and so on. A hash code can make the difference. It makes the file more trustworthy. Everybody should announce hash codes for their published files. Ok, I know what your thinking. Why shouldn't a "bad" person to the same. Why not supply a hash code for a adjusted file? Well this should be stupid, because:

  1. by doing so you'll make the file unique and therefore easier to identify as a fake;
  2. and to trace the adjusted file back to his source, and thanks to Google even the man on the street is able to this track and trace work.

The big BUT

But it still a matter of trust. "Bad" persons are becoming more and more agressive on the internet. Some of them don't care they can be found, so downloading a file with a hash code is no guarantee that it is safe. Remember to keep your computersystem up to date with the latest patches and always use the most recent virus-, adware and malware protection software.

The online demo

Just press the play button below and enjoy the show.


For English users you can download the MGET MD/SHA checker version 2.0 here.

For Dutch users version 1.1 is still available here and the Dutch version 2.0 will be available soon.